Tips on when you need stucco repair services

Stucco problems don’t occur often like other kinds of sliding materials but they do happen once in a while. If not installed in a proper way then the same might need to be done again. So, make sure you are getting it done the right way at once by choosing the right insured exterior contractors Flushing NY. Here are some of the tips on how to find out if your home needs stucco repair. 

Check the condition of your stucco

You can walk around your house and look at all your areas of the house carefully if any of them needs repair due to damage. You might come across mold, crack, and discoloration. These causes can be detrimental to your house which eventually results in deterioration of your stucco. 

Cracks start developing if there is physical damage, shrinkage or thermal expansion; all these are responsible for the stucco crack. There are some cracks to look out for which you can repair with the help of a masonry contractors Brooklyn NYC if you spot them.

  • Diagonal cracks
  • Cracks on foam trim
  • Hairline cracks
  • Patterned cracks
  • Spider cracks

If you find any of these cracks especially diagonal and hairline cracks, you can repair these cracks on your own while in case of other cracks; you will need the professional help. Also, check the areas around your windows and doors if water is seeping in due to rain or leakage of water tank placed on the roof. 

Smell of stucco services New York

It might sound little silly but that’s imperative to keep your house in good condition. Just like rotting food smells very bad in the same way, you can notice the damaged smells in a jiffy because of mold or unwanted substances presence. Mold smell may give you the right indication that there is a need to take action on it. 

Check the condition of stucco by touching it

To ensure if stucco is in the right condition or not, touch it with slight pressure, it should not be crumble or brittle under fingertips. If you feel brittle or crumble, it means there is an underlying problem that needs to be fixed by professional only. Finding any damp spots is also a cause of concern that there is water damage.

Take professional help to perform stucco inspection

You might miss some major areas while performing on your own, so if you find any problem area, then don’t forget to call the licensed stucco contractor NY of Loosebrick, we will be happy to serve you with our best stucco inspection experiences. Do contact us to schedule an inspection.