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For how long you will be keeping an eye on your basement if unexpected water keeps coming up through drains or tanks on the roof or from other sources. Water may not necessarily come from the incessant rain or hail storms every time. Others issues are there too such as leakage from the pipes, overflowing of gutter debris, or sewer water. Your home, as well as basement area, has lots of reason to get vulnerable to water. If ever a situation like this occurs to your basement, who are you going to rely on to get rid of standing water from the basement?


Plus, the situations of heavy downpour in New York is common, you need trusted licensed basement waterproofing contractor Queens who provide effective water system to protect the basement. The waterproofing contractor like Loosebrick holds the unparalleled experience to deal with water-logging issues in the basement. This is teh reason why we are the best basement waterproofing contractor in NYC because we offer advanced basement waterproofing services. We offer industry-leading solutions to our clients that eliminate mold and moisture and protect the basement. 

Our expertise can whittle down all your waterproofing problems by doing:

  • Installation and repair of foundation drainage system
  • Waterproofing for wet basement area
  • Leaking repair
  • Wet basement walls repair
  • Interior and exterior structure repair

Count on our effective waterproofing services and stop water seeping problems

Our Bronx waterproofing services comes out with unmatchable ideas that fix the formidable water leaking and clogged drainage problems surrounding your basement. To most of the homeowners, fixing leakage issues seem to be a big problem due to lots of cluttering around. However, the situation gets worse when water starts clogging or seeping in through the walls. 

Water problems dampen the structure of the basement repair contractor Bronx no matter how exquisitely it is made. Basement is the foundation that takes a load of whole building so keeping it fortified to ward off the rainwater is imperative. Maybe existing damage might already be there in your basement that can weaken the foundation of the building. It can become a reason for the injury as well along with financial loss. To avoid such lethal situations, waterproofing services NY need to be called for the inspection of the concerned area so that problems could be figured out and resolved. Our state-of-the-art techniques and machineries perform the tasks efficiently which are remembered for years. 

A reliable team for basement waterproofing NY

Our prime objective is to serve our clients the value and leave immaculate workmanship behind. The holes, fissures, and cracks lead to huge damage along with putting your life in danger. There is a probability to slip down or fall due to water on the basement. Leaving such tasks pending could lead to serious damages putting all your money at stake simultaneously. 

With the onset of effective waterproofing work, we infuse years of our hard work, knowledge, and experience into the work. Providing our clients the ultimate solution is what we keep our eye on till everything finishes as planned. When it comes to rectifying the issues, we are second to none. Our bespoke work restores the structure of your basement and put it back to the original condition.

Providing waterproofing solutions for wet basement problems

Full bonded insured basement waterproofing contractor in NY

Living in anxiety is not a solution if your basement walls or floors are not in good condition due to water problems. Because of poor construction work, many homeowners complain of not having a standard exterior structure that creates a problem. Our NY basement waterproofing company imparts knowledge to homeowners and helps take the best decision to protect the basement from damage. The heavy downpour in the city is responsible to develop cracks and holes that spoil the beauty of the basement. 

The stagnating water becomes a reason of dampness, mold, and mildew. If you have already delayed the process of getting this fixed, hire our licensed basement waterproofing specialist NY who keeps the condition of your basement in good condition throughout the year. With the use of concrete sealer, we don’t let the rainwater become a barrier in the beauty of your house and basement. The variety of services we offer at Loosebricks includes:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Foundation repairs
  • Interior and exterior foundation waterproofing
  • Sump pump installation
  • Property drainage
  • Moisture and mold remediation
  • Moisture control
  • Crawl space repair

Contact us today if your basement is in need of good repair. Our team will reach out to you for waterproofing estimate. We are looking forward to making your basement dry!