Window Lintel Waterproofing NY

Lintel, a type of structural support element designed to carry the load from above openings like windows and doors are installed horizontally to give strength to the building structure. Depending on the age of your building lintels could be made of timber, bricks, concrete, or steel.

Window Lintel Waterproofing NY

If your lintels have developed cracks above windows or doors, then it is time to call the best lintel waterproofing contractor NY to fix it using advanced technology. Since lintels are all about providing strength to weak points, any negligence could be catastrophic for your home or building. Lintel repairing is a complex work so you should call only licensed window lintel service in Queens NY.

Although lintels are designed to last for decades, rain and damp could cause cracks and make lintel weak. So, postponing window lintel repair in Queens isn’t an option. You should contact the lintel repair contractor Bronx who is equipped to provide high-quality window lintel waterproofing solutions. Waterproofing windows require integration of flanges, sill pans, caulking and flashing to stop penetration of moisture between the wall and window. So, your lintel repair contractors must be equipped with resources like window waterproofing sealer to make your windows 100% waterproof. Thankfully, modern lintel repair contractor, Loosebrick, offers quick and cost-effective solutions to make your building stronger and enduring.        

Why Do Lintels Develop Cracks and Fail?

Lintels are bound to deteriorate with time and develop some cracks. You have to maintain and repair it in time to add strength to your building. Reasons might vary depending on age, material, and of course local climate, but if you are not paying attention to cracks then your building might lose structural integrity.

Natural Factors

Your property protects you from adverse weather conditions, but in the process loses its strength over a period of time. Continuous exposure to heat, cold, and moisture affects the fabric of your building. Corrosion, expansion, and rotting of materials used in lintel could develop cracks in lintel.

Foundation and Wall

Any alteration in the foundation of your building, whether due to shifting ground level or changing water level, affects the structural integrity of the wall. This shifts additional load on lintels making them prone to cracks. If you find any cracks in lintel and wall, then it is better to call the best lintel repair contractor for the site visit.

Moisture Penetration

If Brooklyn window lintels in your building are not waterproof, then water may penetrate in between the wall and lintel. Regular expansion and contraction of water affects the strength of lintel and eventually cracks develop. So, while lintels installation you should pay attention to window lintel waterproofing Brooklyn to make it durable.

How to Spot Fault in Lintel?

You are the best observer of any change happening in your property. You don’t need to be a structural engineer to spot damage in and around window lintels. Cracks above the door or window could be vertical or diagonal. It is the first sign of failing lintel. The brick wall might develop diagonal cracks if lintel support is weakening. In some cases, rusting of steel rods inside lintel due to water penetration could cause expansion leading to cracks and fall off. It could be a big safety hazard, so call Loosebrick, lintel repair and waterproofing contractor urgently to examine and fix the issue. 

Lintel Repairing Alternatives

Depending on lintel type, the lintel repair contractor will use either a remedial steel bar system, concrete lintel repair system, or structural repair solutions to fix the issue. So, the prior examination is necessary to know about the cause, impact, and suitable repair method. Since moisture is the most potent threat to lintel strength, you should pay special attention to window lintel waterproofing to make it stronger.

The affordable lintel repair service in flushing NY, will offer you top window lintel repair and waterproofing solutions. In most cases, there will be no visual impact on the exterior of your building. You should focus on the reasons behind lintel failure and hire the best to repair it at the minimum possible cost.