Grinding & Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing is a technique of replacing deteriorating mortar in spaces between cotta, terra, bricks stones or cinder blocks. It can upgrade the appearance of an exterior or interior structure of brick. This process also enhances the wall’s function by preventing the moisture entrance as well as other substances which may damage its strength and quality. Grinding Services Queens NY is a type of machining which is used as the cutting tool.

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It is a well-known fact that the defective mortar joints enable water to enter the wall space and festinate the breakdown of the bricks.

The life-span of your Bronx tuckpointing relies on many factors such as:

  • The ambient temperature when the task was completed
  • The depth of the grinding checked by the builder
  • The mortar quality used to tuckpoint the ground out region

We check all the above mentioned factors in order to make your project beautiful to view as well as structurally sound.

Our method of grinding and tuck pointing can save your building from the unwanted accident.  With our masonry company Brooklyn NY, you will be able to make your building more effective and run for a long time without any issue. This process can take more time as it is the work of brick which is not easy. 

At Loose Brick, we provide work in an effective manner. While removing mortar from bricks by Bricks grinding New York vacuum dust control is utilized. Our team can easily remove damage and old mortar and put the new one to make a building more strong. The contractor only uses high-quality mortar for the long run and we are skilled with efficient knowledge. 

Our Grinding And Tuck Pointing Services In New York- Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens

Old House with lime mortar

If the house is built with the use of lime mortar and so the walls are solid. These types of walls are generally made of stone and brick which are harder. The old walls start having moisture from the space between the brick and this can damage inside of the wall. This problem caused high at the time of the rainy season when water reach inside the wall and have a leakage problem. 

The oldest walls also create the problem of spalling stone and flaking brick and in this condition joint of walls gets racked. Don’t worry! Our NY Grinding Contractors are skilled and trained as they know how to provide strength to the walls. They are able to complete work on time with the quality so that your walls look remain same after changing mortar. We are always ready to help our clients in every condition so that they can live safely. 

New House with cavity walls

If your home is built several decades ago, then brick has been used with cement in it. The main problem with cement is that it starts producing crack themselves after some time. The cement mortars are generally hard and inflexible. These cracks on your building allow water inside the structure to make it weak. Our team knows how to repair such cement mortar work NYC as they have experienced working with all types of mortars. Loose Brick’s Tuck Pointing Contractor NYC is well known for grinding and tuck pointing service in a perfect manner. This issue can be solved by pointing with a trowel or by cutting off and brushed to the older and weathered cracks.

Now at the time of such kind of problem, you have to just make a call and we will immediately provide experienced general contractor to complete work on time. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now on the above given number!