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How to Waterproof Your Garage and Protect Your Belongings?

Garages should not only be made just to store cars nowadays but for belonging also that remains dry and protected if ever needs arises to keep them there. The traditional method was used just to park the cars to protect them from any sort of external damage. Today, you can go beyond and make it look good using roller and sectional doors. They are used and can withstand inclement weather, keeping water out of the garage. The first thing you do before anything else is call waterproofing contractor Brooklyn to get the damaged area inspected.

Many of you might be having an existing garage that is susceptible to leakage and causing problems to the area that is in contact with it. The old style garages are more vulnerable to water problems, especially during rain. Waterproofing it in such a situation is the only solution to go with.

How Can You Waterproof Your Garage?

If you set out to see the options to mitigate water damage in your garage, then waterproofing it is the best solution.

  1. Waterproof membrane– At the time of constructing your garage, you can apply it beneath the concrete slab to prevent the formation of moisture flow.
  2. Crystalline concrete agent– The crystals used fill up the space and pores, acting as a waterproof barrier. This can be considered as a permanent solution as along the way it grows with the concrete. The crystals get reactivated as soon as it encounters the appearance of crack and restores it.
  3. Waterproof paint- If walls seem to be getting damaged with the penetration of water, you can apply epoxy or paint and leave it for some days so that it gets dried properly.

Mould solution

Many a time, you find your belongings in the storeroom are still damp after the waterproofing. In such a case, unpleasant and bad smell makes it impossible for you to breathe properly. It is a sign of mould problem in your garage. It should be immediately fixed as it can cause some serious health implications. To curb the mould from spreading, you need to vacate the garage first and scrub out the garage with hydrogen peroxide or distilled white water. Before you do this, protect your hands, wearing gloves and wearing mask simultaneously.


The option of tanking is effective in preventing water from entering basements. It is used extensively by people for the purpose of waterproofing garages. It doesn’t call for too much cost and can be applied easily, using ideal DIY solution.

Before doing it on your own, ensure that contractor from garage waterproofing queens inspects the area and applies it accordingly. Tanking slurry is also referred to as cementitious tanking designed to protect walls from getting damp. It curbs the infiltration of water and a blend of aggregates, cements, acrylic, and chemical powder together work to give your wall a formidable waterproofing barrier.

Applying these tips can work wonders if you are grappling with garage problems. Loosebrick offers comprehensive waterproofing solution queens at cost effective price. It is a company that has undertaken multiple waterproofing projects and knows what best can work for your damaged garage. Call us right now.