How Stucco work is different from plaster?

Stucco is used on the outside of buildings and plaster is used on inside walls. There are many benefits to using stucco for your business or home exterior. It is highly water and fire resistant. Also, it does not require any special maintenance. Stucco comes in a different variety of textures and colours, and it is very strong. You may find the process of applying stucco look simple but you should not do it by yourself under any circumstances. Your little mistake during the application would lead to some serious fatal issues for sure. So, you should hire insured stucco contractors Bronx NYC for this purpose. Let’s understand how stucco work is different from plaster. 

How is Stucco Made?

Stucco is made from sand, Portland cement materials and mixed water together to form a plaster. You can get some other stucco options which are made from different types of raw materials. In the traditional stucco, people prefer using lime rather than going for the Portland cement. It can be mixed on various site and applied in several layers. 

How is Stucco used?

Stucco is used by an industry specialist to the exterior and interior walls. It is really easy for an expert to apply the master by using a machine or he/she can do it manually. With our stucco services NYC, we use this on a frame structure or on concrete wall systems. We use it for siding or to cover cinder block or adobe. 

  • Durable – Stucco is one of the most durable and robust when it compares to the plaster. It is really safe to install because it is both heat and fire-resistant. The finishing of stucco is weather-resistant. 

  • Easy Maintenance- Stucco is very easy to maintain and you would not face any problem with stain at all. Just wash off the dirt and you are all okay.

  • Insulation – The synthetic stucco adds an insulation element. Bronx NYC Stucco services would help you in saving money on both cooling and heating as well.

At last, you need to understand that stucco has been around for many centuries. Stucco contractor Brooklyn NYC is different from plaster in many aspects. The easy installation and versatile properties make it a perfect choice for the purpose of building installation. SO, what are you waiting for? Avail our Stucco service today and get best result.