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Common Issues Surrounding Stucco Repair in Queens

Stucco is a durable, long-lasting, and affordable choice to make your home or building exterior look elegantly brilliant. Apart from the look, it is highly effective in making your home energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and noise control. However, it all depends on the quality of the stucco application by your stucco contractor in Bronx. Just like any other building material, the stucco application could be at risk of damage in need of repair.      

The versatility of stucco is unquestionable, but if you notice signs of stucco it is better to go for early repair and avoid the heavy cost involved in the full replacement. Early detection and fixing of stucco damage save your time, energy, and of course, the money. But, the challenge remains in detecting signs of stucco damage. Stucco installation is an art, and you should always go for licensed contractors in NY, Queens, and Bronx. To make it simple for you’re here is the list of commons issues that surrounds stucco repair and ways to detect it early.

Common Stucco Issues You Should Keep in Mind

If your stucco installation is not perfect or not maintained properly, you might face severe challenges of water damage, mold, staining, and cracking. To avoid any chance of early occurrence of these issues you should hire licensed contractors with vast experience of stucco application work in your area. These are some simple questions you should ask to see whether your stucco exterior needs immediate attention.     

Leaks Around Stucco Siding

Whether your home is new or old, leaks around stucco siding is a real possibility. If it is not due to a plumbing fault, then you should better call a licensed stucco contractor to inspect in detail about possible deficiency in the stucco application.

Missing Caulking

Stucco failure happens wherever water permeates through wall cavities. So, you should inspect the interior trim of windows and doors and look for caulking irregularity. If you notice dried and shrunken caulking, then this needs immediate attention to avoid any chances of water seeping and keep your stucco exterior safe.

Stucco to Siding Transition

The material mismatch is the single biggest factor that triggers stucco failure. So, you have to make sure that dissimilar materials are separated and junctions are properly sealed with a suitable sealant. Licensed contractors in NY go in all fine construction details to ensure better stucco installation. 

Stucco Cracking or Staining

If you are noticing the development of heavy staining, thin & long cracks, or bulges in the stucco wall finish, then it is time to call experienced stucco contractor in Bronx. The early you pay attention to cracking and discoloration issues the better it is for your stucco exterior. 

If your stucco contractor is known for delivering excellence with a commitment to then you can expect your stucco exterior to last anywhere between 50 and 80 years. However, it depends on what kind of base it is installed, the material used, construction details followed, and regular maintenance. We all love our home and do all possible things to keep it in great shape, but wear and tear is a reality. So, call your reliable stucco contractor to repair stucco exterior in time to the same time, energy, and money.