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Common causes of chimney leaking in NYC

It is impossible to deviate from household affairs and when it is about roofing and its related terms, the repair is a must to stay safe. The little ignorance can result in the devastation when vigorous weather condition comes knocking your door instantly. To keep an eye on the roof and its surroundings are imperative to avert danger and damage. Chimney repair near me is among the common problems of roofing Queens NY that many people often get to face. What to do when the situation comes in such a way:

Identify the chimney leaks before it gets excessively costly

Chimney leaks are caused by a number of factors that are hard to find by homeowners. Addressing the problems of leak can sometimes turn out to be an energy-draining task as the entire day is spent doing repairs works. Our chimney and fireplace repairs Bronx NY holds years of experience to fix such sort of issues. The chimney is vulnerable to the changing condition of weather which may be detrimental for the chimney itself and the entire house. 

The contractor inspects the areas of defect and its surroundings to make sure no one gets affected. From the onset of the project, our team looks closely at all aspects to prevent the house from fires in case of chimney leaks. Your time is valuable; don’t waste in thinking too much about leak problems and putting the onus on you. 

Our well-equipped team identifies chimney leaks and offers you the guaranteed results at nominal charges before the problems get too bigger and jolt you financially, emotionally and physically. The common causes of chimney leaks are as follows:

1. When mortar and masonry fail to perform its job

Mortar and masonry are the underlying factors that decide the age of the chimney. The masonry survives for long whereas mortar should be replaced between 20-25 years because it fails to impede the formation of moisture. When moisture makes its way into the masonry, the freezing weather in winter affects the condition of the chimney, causing its structural integrity to deteriorating over time. Our masonry contractor Long Island NY you an aesthetic solution by waterproofing your chimney masonry to prevent moisture from infiltrating. 

2. When there is no chimney cap

The formidable elements of nature damage the chimney when it is not supported with a cap on the top. Storms, rain, snow, wind directly attack the interior of your home by way of the chimney. Soon moisture occurs with the perpetual entrance of harsh elements of nature and causes damage to the house and chimney. A Broken or damaged chimney can be attributed to the loss of the entire house. 

The blocked chimney can send back the fumes of fire in the fireplace which causes monoxide positioning in the house. The properly installed chimney cap prevents you and your home from getting damaged by natural elements and saves you financially. The quick-spreading house fire is common when a chimney has no caps. So make sure to install it by our professional chimney technicians in Long Island NY

3. Leaky flashing issue

Leaky flashing creates a waterproof seal to throw moisture out. Flashing is vulnerable and can easily be broken as it is not as strong as chimney itself. Flashing can be found as one of the common causes of the leaky chimney. Two reasons are responsible for leaky flashing, one is when waterproofing isn’t done correctly and when flashing gets deteriorated over time.

4. Damaged chimney crown

The cement surface at the top of the chimney is called chimney crown that curbs the moisture from forming between the masonry and flue lining. The cracked chimney causes water to penetrate and damage the interior of the house.

To alleviate the risk, the chimney needs to be treated at the earliest which later gets difficult to repair. A little crack can be repaired but the larger ones become a kind of headache that put at perils and cause significant damage.

Our chimney repairs professionals can identify your chimney leaks and provide the best possible and potential repairs that protect chimney for longer. So contact us today and get the best deal