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7 Unexpected Benefits Of Availing Garage Waterproofing Services In Queens

More often than not, the garage is an extra space with limited potential. In the USA, people often use it for storage purposes and it is often built to a lower standard than the rest of the areas in the house. This usually results in garages suffering from different structural issues like dampness on the internal walls.

However, more people now want to increase the habitable space in their property and are looking to use their garage for more than one purpose instead of using it just as a shelter for their car. If you want to get more out of your garage area, it might be worth getting waterproofing of your garage when it comes to looking at other options.

Why Do Garages Get Damp?

When garages are constructed they are usually “single skin” buildings that are not designed to be habitable. This means that waterproofing is hardly joined into the building. If your garage has earth retaining wall, it will be exposed to damp walls as a result of water accumulation. Garages with retaining walls and sub-standard waterproofing can also have cracks and leaks due to hydrostatic pressure.

Even garages that are not earth retaining are also at risk from dampness if neighbouring constructions in the high ground are adding water to the surrounding environment. Water has its nature to always flow to the lowest point possible, and if that point is your garage, it will need waterproofing services.

If you are thinking about waterproofing your home, read on to learn about 10 unexpected benefits of waterproofing!

  1. Did you know that water damages account for 20% of all insurance claims made by homeowners? Waterproofing can avoid all the costly flooding repairs including basement flooding.
  2. Waterproofing helps to create a healthier home environment for your family because it only takes 24-48 hours for mould to grow on a damp surface. Extended exposure to mould is also not OK for human beings as it can cause medical issues like hay fever, asthma and other medical conditions.
  3. Garage waterproofing can help to lower your overall heating and cooling costs. This is because humid indoor air caused by basement leaks create a strain on AC use and can result in an increased energy bill of 10-15%.
  4. Waterproofing helps to protect your garage floors. Underneath your floor, there is usually a 2-4-inch concrete floor. When the concrete is so thin, it can be susceptible to pressure from the groundwater which may cause cracks and leaks.
  5. Increase the property value of your home. Mould and water can damage the value of your home up to 25%. A waterproof home or garage floor ensure the overall protection of your home.
  6. Over 60 % of basements in the U.S. have a moisture problem. Increase the safety and well-being of your home by waterproofing your wall as this will lower your moisture problems.
  7. When water seeps through the foundation of your garage, it can cause significant foundations cracks and even the buckling of walls. Garage waterproofing service can help to add structural strength to your home inside and outside.

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If you’re looking for Garage Waterproofing in Queens, then call Loose Brick in Queens at 347-941-0100. They have a skilled team of professionals who provide structural waterproofing solutions for commercial parking garages. The team is just as capable when it comes to taking on large scale projects as with domestic garages attached to a home.